What is .NET Framework ?

The .NET Framework is developed by Microsoft.Its development started in the late 1990's under the name of Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS). The first beta version of .NET 1.0 was released in the late 2000.The .NET Framework is divided into two parts i.e.common language runtime(CLR) and .NET Framework class library.

The following are the different components of the .NET framework -

1. Comman Language Runtime(CLR)

2. .NET Class Library


4. Windows Forms

5. Visual Studio .NET

1. Common Language Runtime

CLR is used to compile the code before it executes.Instead of generating machine code,Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) is generated. When the code is executed for the first time,special compiler called as Just In Time (JIT) complier creates machine code.This machine code is created as per the processor on which the code is deployed.Because all .NET languages have the same compiled representation, they all have similar performance characteristics.So the performance of a code developed in vb.net is equivalent to the code developed in c#.

2. .NET Class Library

.NET Class Library is collection of hundreds of classes.For handeling the .NET Class Libraray easily,it is divided into namspaces.System is the main class and other classes are included into it.System class can be called as core class.The structure of the .NET Class Library is as follows -

System is the core class and following are the components of this class -





System.Data is used to perform various database operations.Following are the components of this class -




System.Diagnostics is used for working with Event Log.Following are the components of this class -




System.IO is used for working with files and data streams.Following are the components of this class -




Following are the components of the this class -

I)Web Forms

II)Web Services

I)Web Forms

Web Forms are used to develop web applications.Developing web applications is very easy and it becomes as easier as dragging and dropping the controls.

II)Web Services

Web services are developed to be used by other applications and components.Web Services make it easy to build applications that integrate features from remote sources.

4.Windows Forms

Windows forms are used to create desktop application that have graphical user interface(GUI).

5.Visual Studio .NET

Visual Studio .NET provides single development environment for all programming languages.It has replaced VB 6.0,VC++ and Visual InterDev development environments.

Sample programs and interview questions of .NET

In this site you can find sample programs and interview questions of .NET.This site is for both the professional programmers as well as students.Sample programs can be found in the horizontal menus such as VB.NET,Crystal Report,Javascript etc.In the interview questions menu,different interview questions are placed in the sub menus such as ASP.NET,SQL,Javascript etc.